Expert in furniture for residences, we own exclusive lines with sophistication, beauty and excellent finishing standard.

Placed in São Bento do Sul (SC) Móveis James stands in the furniture industry with high standard products for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, accessories and corporate furniture with unique designs. The major advantage of the company is the furniture made of solid wood and natural fibers, which follow the main trends in the industry.

For more than 40 years as a reference in the furniture market, Móveis James has a structure of 16.000 m2 of built area, in an area of 36.000 m2. The unit produces furniture for the domestic and international market, operating in countries like the United States, Europe, Africa and South America.

Bigger and stronger in the domestic market,
the company has 130 employees at its plant and representatives throughout the country.

Our products make the perfect and harmonious combination of the finest woods, finishes and unique design, reflecting the desire of our customers, architects and interior designers.


Search for excellence in product development combined with constant technological upgrading,
improving management techniques and development of employees, aiming at the completion
of the entire team and the customer enchantment.

Environmental Responsibility

The preservation of the environment is a concern of Móveis James. That’s why the company looks for meeting the structure of all its suppliers to make sure that they are in accordance with legal practices. We count on quality management programs, and part of the product line is certified with Biomóvel environment seal.

Another performance in harmony with nature is the concern with the final destination of inputs. For proper management of waste, all is left is separated, placed in appropriate places and intended for specific treatment for each type of material. So, in addition to reference in quality and design, Móveis James appreciates the care with nature.

Northern plateau region of Santa Catarina, where we highlight the cities of São Bento do Sul, Rio Negrinho and Campo Alegre, launches in the Brazilian market the Biomóvel.

This is a new culture in furniture production, based on the concepts of sustainability, where the industries adjust their production processes to manufacture furniture that, in addition to meeting all quality requirements and taste, is also "environmentally friendly".

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